Blender and Rhubarb

I recently got the Rhubarb add-on for Blender. It says I require a pose library which brings me to 2 questions: 1. How do I work with the Pose Library and 2. When I enable it, The area for the rhubarb lip sync, is left blank. Is there a tutorial on how to use that stuff for beginners like me? Papagayo won’t run on my version of Linux.

Hi @WW773, this website is for the discussion of Blender’s development.

For answers to questions on how to use a 3rd Party add-on, the best place would be where you got the add-on.

For support using this addon in Blender, please report an issue at

Is there a tutorial on how to use that stuff for beginners like me?

The GitHub repository says:

and here’s a tutorial video from Studio YogYog

And has a link to a video, and there are several other videos on that same channel.

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So I got it to work, but I got this error:

Permission error is probably something you need to fix by using e.g. chown to change the permissions of the file. Either that, or elevate Blender’s permissions with . sudo although it is a kinda bad idea to use the root account to run Blender. IIRC sudo can act as other users besides root. And of course, you could do all kinds of stuff with groups or whatever. Eh, UNIX permissions are a topic for another forum, though.

Also, it’s unlikely you’ll get troubleshooting for third-party addons here.

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