Blender Addons licensing with external software scripts?

I’m getting ready to release an add-on that I plan to sell, but I just want to double check one thing regarding the licensing…

The Blender FAQ says> "You have full freedom to license your software product however you wish if and only if:

– It operates outside of Blender.
– Uses no Blender source code or API calls (including Python API)."

In my addon I have essentially two halves to the process:

  1. bpy based scripts interact with blender and output a data file.
  2. One of the bpy scripts then sends a command to the operating system which executes a non-python script (located in the addon folder) that reads the data file in an external program.

This non-python script has been exported as binary so it’s non-readable but it doesn’t interact with blender. It simply reads the data file that was outputted by the other bpy based scripts in the addon. I will also need to add a licensing framework to the non-python script so that it only allows one user per license for the external software.

Is this type of setup all ok assuming the other bpy scripts are GPL licensed?