Blender Addon Course

Hello, want to ask. I want to know how to create Addon. I already have basic python. Can someone recomended to me what next step I should do?

Use python first as a good level, number 2 use the doc of blender for create an add-on, he’s based on what ? Viewport ? Modifier ? Topology ?

Build a roadmap to create them. And focus on clean code with good perf ! Don’t be shy to ask some help the community about python is biggest !! But remember ! Use the Blender documentation :slight_smile:

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Where i can get roadmap to create them?.. I already learn to create simple addon in blender api website… Any course suggestion to learn it?.. or Book

Create your own roadmap like :
My add-on use frustum culling > Dev > Test 1 > BUG FIXIES > Test 2 > Bug Fixies
> Bug ok > Release !

Use this documentation, you can find a lot of features for your code :

I don’t have a course to learn it, but if you lost use youtube or forums for take the good way.

But first define your project, like you add-on can make what ?

I want to create addon can manipulate mesh… Like hardops…

there aren’t really any courses that I’m aware of, but there is plenty of documentation- more than you could ever need.

If you’re completely new to python and/or programming in general I’d recommend the following:

  • watch any of the myriad “beginner python” series, or read an online guide, something to that effect. Get comfortable in the language by making small python applications (IE: a calculator, a contact list database, anything more complicated than “hello world”, which teaches you virtually nothing). If you can already do this you’re ready for step 2.

  • Once you’ve done that, learn the basics of the blender python API (how bpy works), at a very basic level. Open up the example scripts that come with Blender, try making a basic script of your own. IE) duplicate the selected object into a 3D array, something like that. You need to understand how blender organizes its data, and you should have a pretty solid understanding of how context is structured. Supplement the examples with the official blender python docs- they are very thorough.

  • Once you’re comfortable with bpy, it’s time to start reading about bmesh. If you skip the previous step you’re going to have a bad time. Bmesh is not that complicated, but it is very much built to fit into Blender’s design paradigm, and if you don’t understand bpy you’re going to find yourself crashing Blender a lot. Learning bmesh is not difficult, the official blender python documentation for bmesh and the accompanying design doc make everything crystal clear.

  • After you understand how bmesh works and have made some basic scripts that utilize it you know basically everything you need to know to make yet another boxcutter clone, or whatever you have in mind.


Tq for the answer… Will work for it… Once again thank you so much…

Do you have some grasp of vectors and matrices? Because that also is very important in 3D graphics generally, and in Blender addons in particular.