Blender 5.x Future and Architecture goals?

hi, i was wondering on future goals of blender 5.x because i think there is no clear plan for it, also no architectural projects due to direction of blender for next 2 or 3 years,so to develop a project for architercural purpose this can take a lot of time so 2 or 3 years is a good amount of time to design and start discussions and ideas how to do it rigourously,as we now there is some initiatives addons for archi like cad sketcher :, want to open this discussion in order to open a new field for new future blender users.

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i wish for the version 4.X blender make the point on the SIDE Simulation (Rigid body, soft body, fluid / gas sim / Node particle system / Vector fields etc…) and NODE SIMULATION… AND INCREASE THE FRAMERATE IN THE VIEWPORT !! is really insuportable when tou have a bigger scene to work with laggy viewport…
But for the 5 (2024) i wish blender make the point on the side new interface, optimisation and more flexibility with C / C++ API for exemple. and accurate more features with vulkan and open more doors !


i think physics i a target for 2022 Strategic Targets 2022 — Blender Developers Blog
so hoping for 2023 to have it complete.
what do you think about archi domain future in blender 5.x for Reservation as strategic project.

I’m adding CAD features, my cad nodes might arrive in some months. If anyone wants to help, im here


Blender search actively a physics dev for this side… and for now he don’t have one… since blender don’t have a Physics dev the side simulation probably not grow up or not fast… is the problems…

For the CAD… is the not the priority of blender… but one day is can be a target i’m pretty sure.

This thread is suggesting that we focus on architecture & cad functionality which is essentially a big feature request. As the banner on top of each page says:

For feature requests, please use

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