Blender 3.6 bug marked fixed but still there?

Hi, not sure what is the proper pipeline how to report it, but there is a closed bug #114282 - Extrude to Cursor tool: it don't allow to correct position of new vertex after LMB pressed - blender - Blender Projects That was fixed 3 months ago. I tried various Blender versions from various sources including daily build and the bug is still there.
How do I get the build with the commit fixing the bug or reactivate the closed bug itself? Could somebody please help?

The issue is fixed in Blender 4, but I can’t go to 4, because Vertex Color Master plugin for painting in vertex color channels does not work there.

@lichtwerk Can this be put onto the backport list for 3.6? (And I guess 3.3 too)?

I have added it to 3.6 / 3.3 backporting lists

will check today if it backports nicely


Thank you, I got the recent daily build but it is not there yet. Looking forward to be able to retopo properly again.

backports just landed an hour ago, so should be in tomorrows build(s)

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