Blender 2.93 for Jetson Nano ARM64 Ubuntu 18.04


Is there any place where I can download recent builds of Blender 2.9x that is target for ARM64 Linux ?

I want to test out GPU rendering of Blender on the Jetson Nano


At the moment it seems the best way to get Blender on ARM64 on Linux is to build Blender from the source code. A guide can be found here: Building Blender - Blender Developer Wiki

Most of the steps should be the same between compiling “x86” and “ARM64” Blender, however there currently aren’t any pre-compiled libraries for ARM64 on Linux, so you’ll need to provide your own libraries. Luckily the Blender source code contains a file that can automate some of this process, but you may still run into a bunch of issues and will need to do some extra work.

I’m sorry I’m not able to provide much more help than this.

To expand on my other comment, some distributions provide unofficial ARM64 versions of Blender in their repository for you to download. For example Debian has one: Debian -- Package Search Results -- blender

I’m not sure if they’ve been built with CUDA (something you’ll need for GPU rendering with the Jetson Nano in Cycles), but it’s worth a try.