Blender 2.91 source run on windows 7?


I downloaded blender newest 3.4 source code and compiled successfully on my pc, windows7. But it didn’t run with some error that didn’t find some function like CreateFile2 in kernel32.dll. I knew blender 3.4 didn’t run on windows7, so I downloaded again 2.91 source code but by following build instrunction like ‘git clone git://’, then it failed and didn’t compile. It looks updated to newest source code.

Is it possible blender 2.91 source run on windows 7? I knew compiled 2.9 blender runs on windows7.

Notice : My reply is for RUNNING blender under windows 7, NOT COMPILING blender; No idea if you will find it useful but you can look at the patch supplied in github page to see how it was compiled.

blender 3.3 under windows 7 (I use it myself, no, it got no problems, a function or 2 regarding pen sensitivity are stub function (Pen sensitivity still works perfectly) and the way python generate canonical file paths is hacky (Meaning, code is different) but it works perfectly fine,

As far as i know, its a perfect match for official blender, Using these releases for 2 years now with no problems.

Same performance (as far as i know), same features, and yes its safe, I always scan every .exe and .dll under virustotal (Even the official releases from blender i scan)

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