Blender 2.91 alpha build issues

The daily Windows alpha builds are delayed again. No new build since september 1st.

Before that there was also a multiple-day delay in the Windows alpha builds.

It’d be great if @sergey or someone else could have a structured look at the returning builder issue(s).


Thanks for letting us know. The build is up and running again.

Unfortunately, it is hard to have structured look, because those were the different issues, and all of them related to some obscure intermittent problem, which occurs when the moon is full. I’m looking into how to make the builder scripts more robust or give some extended information about what exactly is going on.


Thanks Sergey, much appreciated!

When a build is delayed for more than a day I’m getting withdrawal symptoms. :wink:

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Hi @sergey,

The builds are again delayed. Last build is from September 4th.

I’m experiencing some viewport issues in the September 4th version, while the change log shows a lot of improvements in that area, so I’d love to download the latest version.

Thanks for looking into it again. :+1:


Same here, weird UI glitches and some missing icons using that build.

Edit - just noticed there’s already a report for that glitch


:+1: I also saw that a new Blender 2.91 alpha build is available, thanks, @sergey / devs!


The daily build is again delayed. It’s a bit frustrating, because the Master builds history shows lots of daily improvements users can’t access and test as long as the builds are delayed.

This is your friend :wink: .

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:slightly_smiling_face: Thanks, I could try that, but it would still be much more convenient for all Blender alpha users if the daily build automation would be fixed.

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The daily build updates have been successful again the last few days, thanks! :+1:

2.91.0 Alpha 15/09/2020


It does look kind of arty, you’ve got to admit that. :wink:

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Thanks for reporting this. Could you please check if the issue has been submitted yet, and if that’s not the case, please submit it here? Thank you.