Blender 2.9 CUDA on Mac

Hello all:

Earlier this year I moved to 2.9 (6/8/20 build) as it was pretty stable (mostly) for what I need it for. This build had CUDA support and I have been using it with my MacPro w/ 2 X GTX Titans and it is pretty fast - see full specs below. I remember reading somewhere that CUDA support was going to stop with 2.9 - sigh.

I recently downloaded a newer build of 2.9, and yes CUDA is gone. That instantly makes this system useless in Blender. So question: is the lack of CUDA gonna be a permanent thing with Blender/Cycles on Mac? I found somewhere in the fine print that it was caused by not having CUDA libraries that are compatible with new Blender code - does anybody know if this will change?

I am not a big computer tech-head, but I think this systems is topped out GPU-wise. But this MacPro runs as quick as one of my Win10 systems that has a RTX 2070.

Specs: MacPro 2010, 2 X 3.3 XEON 6core/12 thread, 2 X 6gb GTX Titan, 64gb, High Sierra, etc

I know I can always get a new computer and/or switch to WIN10, but there are other reasons I wouldn’t want to.

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AFAIK Apple stop support of CUDA inside macOS several year ago and Nvidia with cuda 10.x have deprecated support for CUDA on macOS, with CUDA 11 (probable adoption of it in Blender 2.92-2.83) macOS support will be completely removed. AFAIK only hope than X86-64 macOS user can have nowaday to use hardware acceleration on macOS is porting of Blender (Cycle render engine and a lot of other UI code) from OpenGL to Vulkan. Vulkan already can use macOS Metal graphic layer with one other intermediate layer software: MoltenVK. I can make some consideration, Blender will be ready with Vulkan/Molten/Metal when Apple will not sell anymore x86-64 hardware, Blender as other software house will speedup conversion of Blender for ARM hardware, so support for x86-64 will be lowered a bit, Blender have one limited number of developer always full of work, limited resource should be used with well defined priorities. I hope Blender have plan well defined to add new feature (AR/VR support, Assets Manager, new Physics and Simulations with Nodes, Interactive Mode,etc.) and maintain support for macOS near 6-10% of all Blender user (i am Linux user part of under of 3%).

as nor related with Blender and not developer, i think i will correct from some more informed Blender developers


Just adding my voice to the hope that 2.90 series might retain CUDA for Mac support. Although Apple doesn’t support it, my system certainly does as must that of many users, and I rely on using it every day in production in my slowly growing animation business. I have deliberately built a system that made CUDA possible on my Mac Pro 2012, and maintained it deliberately on High Sierra so that I could continue using it this way. I appreciate the difficulties of managing Mac compatibility, but one of the things I’ve always loved with Blender was its flexibility and not being forced into major hardware changes which are cost prohibitive for me most of the time. I would be so grateful if CUDA compatibility could be kept at least for the 2.9 series or until a working alternative (Vulcan? Metal?) were in place. I was even being optimistic about Optix support (my Titan X card is Maxwell arcitechture), until this support drop was announced. Please help!

Sometime can be fun read this, i not want be irrespectful but Apple have 1000 developer each Blender developer, i can suppose that Nvidia have more or less 200-500 developer each Blender develper, how one person think that one crowdfunded opensource (one of most bigger) project can solve problems for Apple and Nvidia (both have multi billion income)?
Nvidia had annunced that CUDA with version 11 of SDK will drop Apple macOS support (this was annunced several years ago) and macOS drop support for each library need to Blender to work a 100% as in others OS before announce of Nvidia. I think these rant on Blender related media (here related to developer an development stuff) are made in wrong place. Apple user should make these complaint in Apple and Nvidia as AMD blog/forum/socialmedia/… with bigger number of petitioneer or for protest change hardware platform and OS

i still Linux use, i still not relatded with Blender and i still not one developer and i still to wait for one more informed reply from some Blender developer