Blender 2.82 Python API changes

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I’ve used bpy.types.SmokeModifier to check on cache files in the scene in Python 2.80 and 2.81, but that throws an error in 2.82 that RNA_Types object has no attribute ‘SmokeModifier’.

So I looked over in the API changes in the blender Wiki and there is almost no API change mentioned, hence something about (re-)moved types. How/Where can I find information about those API changes? I searched for Mantaflow or FLIP in the API reference, but I wasn’t able to find anything or anything useful so far.

Someone got a hint or advice?


I believe it’s this now:

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Not much experience with the new MantaFlow system in Blender 2.82 and beyond, but a few hints there:

  • the “old” Smoke Modifier has been replaced by the new FluidModifier from bpy.types.FluidModifier
  • Mantaflow handles both Smoke and Fluids with the same modifier and simulation code. Hence on the Domain object you will need to specify if the simulation shall be “Gas” (which is what Smoke was) and “Fluid”
  • the physics settings have to be redefined by you, they are not compatible with 2.81 and below
  • to see the smoke update in the Viewport you need to either bake the sim, or in the Domain object under Cache set the Type to Replay

Thanks. I think that should do the trick. I stumbled across that one meanwhile, too.

Related, I started this thread yesterday: Python api "Changes since last version"

I really wish the python api changes was kept current.

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Thanks. I was aware about those changes in the workflow, but it seems the API documentation lacking those information. If it at least would have a remove notice with a link to the new type.