Blender 2.80 works on Macbook pro Linux mint but not on Macbook pro macOS

Sorry if this is the wrong place but I didn’t know where else to post.

I reported several bugs for Blender 2.80 on MacOS and they were closed with “your hardware is under minimum requirements for Blender 2.80”. So I installed Linux Mint on a usb drive & then the Linux version of Blender, everything that didn’t work on MacOS, worked on the Linux Mint, how is this possible?

See image.

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maybe linux use less resource then MacOS and had better support on GPU drivers? IMHO bug report from not supported hardware must be always invalid

my apologise if this sound rude

The problem here was not the minimum requirements, your report was closed as a duplicate of this one which should be solved when downloading again.

@brecht couldn’t you merge it in T66754 like it was done for other duplicate tasks?
i am just curious

It was merged.