Blender 2.8 Windows builds stopped updating since 12th June

Hello there,

I’ve noticed that Blender 2.8 windows builds have stopped to be generated since the 12th of June while for Linux and Mac they have been updated.
Is there any issue?

Thanks and keep up the great work :sunglasses:

And there has been no monday video from Pablo this week.
by the way there has been no video at all this week… are the guys gone in holyday, or are we just spoilt from all the nice stuff … ?


I have been building Blender 2.8 64bit on Win 10 with VS 2017 with no issues so far, debug and release. Lite and full build with CUDA.

Cannot say how well it works though, its quite limited in many areas and quite crashy but for me it was far more stable because I tend to focus on the areas I work on the code.

Jean, you have all rights to disagree with the changes about Blender 2.8 and to share them in a constructive way. However, in this thread your post is off-topic and clearly a provocation. Please, avoid this behavior for it doesn’t serve well neither you or the community.

A part of the team was in Annecy in France for the Animation Festival, Pablo was there too, that’s why he didn’t make any video but he did one video yesterday where he explains all this, on Blender Developer youtube channel, if you want more informations :slight_smile:

I don’t know either what’s wrong with BuildBots, works well on my computer :slight_smile:

I posted that here and it got flagged and hidden.
hum… Why would be?..
I am not arguing against the changes and I dont like most but thats what I see, every interface change that affect negatively someone will cause rage.

You know another funfact?
every bit of information about building blender on the wiki got deleted…

I couldnt find any oficial source of information about building blender on my own.

You can find it here now, the URL changed :

Damn Autodesk hackers , they are everywhere !!!

yes I saw the newest videos yesterday evening, with great news and there was a bug fixed he didn‘t mention but it was bothering me all the time. Visibility of wireframes in edit mode now works correctly.

Windows builds are not compiling correctly according to the buildbot []
Linux build is from a few hours ago and Windows builds are form the 13th with at least one version that wasnt compiled correctly yesterday (at least that says of the buildbot data of the red ones)

yes there are several errors related to opensubdiv , I suspect the devs try to merge branches and have some issues that need to be resolved. Lite build , builds correctly because it excludes opensubdiv.

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Windows buildbot is down since day 9. Any info on that?

It will be back up soon, don’t worry if the buildbot goes down over the weekend.

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