Blender 2.8 render farm on DL380 Gen9 w/ Virtual Shared Graphics Acceleration

We’re looking to upgrade our render farm from 2.79 to 2.80 using a Tesla M10, Quadro P6000, or Quadro RTX6000 and enabling Virtual Shared Graphics Acceleration on DL380 Gen9 – We’re trying to meet the OpenGL 3.3+ requirement in particular and this would utilize VMware’s 3D driver, which does have support for OpenGL, but would need to be certified by Blender if it is not already. I searched Blender’s site but could not find anything regarding the certification of VMware’s driver. Would Blender devs be able to comment/answer or is this more appropriately directed at HPE/VMWare?

I was encouraged to submit here on stackexchange

Blender does not certify drivers, it just asks the OS for a opengl 3.3+ context, how the OS does that or what drivers are involved is of no concern of blender.

noted. other than building out the farm and testing, is there any developer that could comment to its viability?

I tested several years ago a version of Cycles on virtualised hardware. I don’t recall exactly the setup and what hardware was in it, but whatever was cool several years ago. I believe something similar. I wasn’t impressed with the speed - no RTX back then though. I’m guessing you’re one of the few who actually is attempting this type of hardware.

I’d start with one instance and see how it performance, run several tests with some of the known benchmark scenes. Run the numbers and make your decision based on that.