Blender 2.8: --debug-all argument avoids renders to crash

Hi all,

I’ve found that sending the argument --debug-all seems to avoid Blender (2.8, betas since may) to crash when rendering an animation I’m working on.

Before that, the crashes where happening in a random basis but frequently with both: Cycles and EEVE.

I learned that I could render frames through the command line and doing so somewhat aleviated the process of rendering the failed frames again. Trying 2 or 3 times on the more “persistent” was normally enough to bypass the problem and keep going but, of course, that obligated to be watching out to take action as soon as that was happening.

Now, since I turned that argument on, I’m not only confident to leave it unattended but I can even start renders normally (I added the argument to the blender shortcut).

I can’t share the project files because of a NDA… so, how should I help the developers to fix this?

Taking the chance of this post, why turning on the Show Thumbnails on Blender Preferences doesn’t do what it should be doing? Is that happening to more users?

Thank you.