Blender 2.79c

Is it possible to release Blender 2.79c just to make things clear with last Blender 2.79 build
Now it has name

AFAIK last blender 2.79 dailybuild is not fully compatible with 2.79b, this should be consider as pre-alpha of 2.80. Maybe i am in wrong

I hope that it is not so

you can check by yourself on how many task for 2.79 are close from past august, after release of blender 2.80 stable, untill now, or you can search here or in other official Blender channel (tweetter,,, official blender youtube channel, etc.) if developers are involved/working to make update or make release of something older than two stable releases

hope is hard to dead, reality is more more hard

i not find one declaration of Brecht V.L. (Blender core developer) related to not new 2.79 release after freezing developer branch with blender-2.79-e045fe53f1b0 in mid june or july (i not remember precisely) of 2018

however you can fork this version/release and still update it, as some big studios will make internally untill will not switch on new blender release

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question is not to update or develope for 2.79
but makes things clear
and name this build blender-2.79-e045fe53f1b0 as 2.79c and finish this
it is useful in workflow ,still using 2.79b

as already i wrote blender-2.79-e045fe53f1b0 is not bug fixed blender 2.79b, it is a unstable mix of 2.79 and 2.80 with bug related to 2.80 test of new features and some fixed make over 2.79b
i think this is pretty clear, i find this page some days after blender 2.80 official release

i still not find Brecht declaration

Not as an “official” release done by the Blender Foundation. I asked the Blender dev team about this a while ago and (if I remember correctly) they said there would be no future 2.79 releases after the first official 2.80 release went live.

I think the main reason was that even minor “letter” releases require a lot of development time to complete. In order to do another official 2.79 release now would require halting the 2.8 release cycle for several weeks (or longer) while developers did a thorough review of the 2.79 code base to make sure all the code changes (from 2.79b to 2.79c) were stable, only bug fixes were included, documentation was up to date, and the Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms were aligned. It’s a fairly involved process.

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thanks for clear answer