Blender 2.79.7 shift drag select in mesh mode override previous selection

since some of the addons I am used to in 2.79 are not available in 2.8 yet, I am slowly migrating to 2.8x era, and currently I am using blender 2.79.7 version, latest July 29 2019 version.
However in mesh edit mode, if I select some face, and trying to add more face selection by holding shift while left mouse drag additional faces, the previous faces were de-selected. if I shift select to add face one by one it works as intended. only multi face select is not working as one expect. I am using Maya input scheme by the way.
it does not have the same shift select issue in 2.79b (2018-3-22 version)
how can I resolve it? thank you very much in advance.

here is a gif link: