Blender 1.6


I have been trying to get Blender 1.6 running in a VM, and while that was fairly simple, I faced an issue that Blender was running in demo mode and couldn’t save, despite having downloaded the BBkey.txt file with it.

To get it to run with saving enabled, the BBkey.txt file needs to be renamed to .bbkey using the command prompt and placed in the C:\Windows\ folder

I know this is an ancient version of Blender, that hardly anyone will want to run, but if there was some information in the readme.txt about renaming the BBkey.txt and where to put it, that would be helpful to others in the future. I searched google and youtube for information about this, but came up with nothing, and in the end I had to email the guy on youtube (greg blends) that had Blender 1.0 running via mame, and he pointed me in the right direction.

Just a small niche request.

TIA. :slight_smile:


Can you share the link that you have to the 1.6 download?