Bledner Defaults. Is the way to set own defaults to subdiv mod?

I’m often disable use_limit_surface eSubsurfModifierFlag_UseRecursiveSubdivision of subdiv modifier
Can i set this to default?
(May be with patch)

Is There anybody Out There?

Addon modifier list adds ability to alter default modifier settings:


Thank you
But this addon don’t help in this problem, beause it brake compatibility

It uses old style modifier list ui by default, but you can switch it to modern 2.8+ ui by choosing stack in addon preferences.

No, no
I mean this is not clean soving core problem. This is just another (and not well known) way to use modifiers.

For example
I can quick disable eSubsurfModifierFlag_ControlEdges in source/blender/makesdna/DNA_modifier_defaults.h file
But how to disable eSubsurfModifierFlag_UseRecursiveSubdivision ?

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