Better explained SSS with presets

Hello, mighty developers :).

Could we please expand the Manual section about Subsurface scattering in Principled BSDF?
The current explanation is very brief and not easy to grasp.

Since other render engines (Arnold, V-Ray, Renderman) have entire pages about using SSS, could we have a similar page in Blender manual, with examples of use and presets?

This post explaining SSS in Blender from Blender Stack Exchange is what I have in mind.

Example of a reference sheet with presets.

So, could you add a similar page covering SSS into the Blender Manual?
What do you think?


In the best case this is submitted as a manual addition directly on the developer website because i think nothing is against that to add it but there need to be one writing it.

I am also wondering why the values are different from other manual? Is it just the translation to blender or something else?

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Hello :).

The SSS values are in keeping with this chart from Pixar or these presets for Arnold Renderer. That’s because they’re all based on this paper.

What other manual are you reffering to? The one for Blender Internal?

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Thanks for the info.

I mean the normal documentation but its possible to submit the changes and they only have to review and commit it. This link should help when you want to help them:

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