Best way to implement 'ignore for OpenGL' texture switch?

I wondered whether there might be a way to relatively cleanly implement an ‘ignore for OpenGL’ property for an image in blender. I have some tiled EXRs that work nicely with rendering, but will reliably crash blender. Being able to avoid showing them in OpenGL would be useful, for when renderers are fine, but the OpenGL system cannot support the image.

If you can get blender to reliably crash, open up a bug report on with the files needed to reproduce.

I did, but there was an objection to the size of the image involved, so the report was considered illegitimate. I admit to being slightly frustrated with the ask for a .blend file in the original report, not realizing the process involved for QA.

I’ve used this image with infiniMap (LW) and the native tiled EXR in modo, as well as V-ray. Some of those offer ways to prevent OpenGL handling the image, or allow for a proxy image to be delivered to OpenGL. I don’t actually need to see it in the viewport; I’d just like to be able to use it for certain projects where far-close transitions are required.

In blender as-is, this image is not handled by Cycles well as the tiled EXR support for Cycles is in a different branch; having the ability to prevent an image being evaluated for OpenGL/preview would seem a prerequisite for the tiled EXR branch to make sense. V-ray can handle the EXR, but blender dies due to the OpenGL wrangling.