Batch Rename tool has very poor usability

Hi, sorry, if I’m asking in a wrong place, but couldn’t find answer anywhere else on the web.

When batch renaming - is there a way to have first object like (example) object.001, object.002 and not object, object.001, object.002…? Everytime the first renamed object is without numbering and I cant find solution for this

Are you talking about the official Batch Rename tool or the addon I’ve made?

The built in Batch renamer tool in Blender, sorry

I have no clue… You can do it easily with my addon, but I don’t even know where to begin to achieve that with Blender’s native batch rename, because there doesn’t seem to be any number padding feature.

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Thank you, will try it

Just set the name as “object.001”.


Wow, it realy works, didnt know that. Thank you!

I agree that an option should be exposed – the default doesn’t necessarily have to change, but the option to change should be easily accessible.

That batch rename panel is alot more intuitive, nice. I like the batch renaming feature, but yes, the UX could be minimized and improved, also with some advanced options.

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You can also try Viewport Rename addon – minimal UI and all necessary features. As of the 2.8 version you can even search and replace parts of the names interactively by using the operator panel.


That’s the way huhuh huhuh I like it huhuh.

No popups, everything in one place. It’s all there.

Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 9.51.27 AM

Any news on this? It’s really concerning that Batch Rename is a relatively new feature and is already left to rot in such a poor state. The multiple fundamental issues remain:

  • A simple Batch Rename tool in a user-centric (not developer-centric) 3D software should not have any learning curve, which requires reading documentation or searching Google prior to first successful use of it.
  • Average 3D artist (notice the word artist, not programmer) should not be required to know such advanced scripting concept as Regular Expression to use such essential tool successfully.
  • Successful use of the tool without using RegEx is very difficult, in some cases impossible
  • Average simple renaming task takes way too many button clicks

This tool is definitely not on par with usability standards strived for since 2.8

Personally, I’d mostly like to see rename presets.
If you have created a regex or a setup of remove/replace,… whatever, that is more complex but is often needed then a preset save option would be very beneficial.
Often times I need to load in many objects at one and then do a rename procedure that is the same over and over again. But there are several variations over which kinds of objects I load in.
In that case it would save a lot of time in the long run to just preset the few versions and then use as fit.

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