Basic studio pipeline on blender 2.8

So our studio has taken the plunge into 2.8!! for an internal project. And been developing a few very minor file handling tools in blender. So far its been awesome and production has been holding up nicely! Im just wondering what peoples thoughts are on developing a few pipeline tools in blender 2.8.

To be clear these are NOT 3d related tools as in polygons, animation, shader etc type tools. They are simply file management, versioning, minor publishing tools. Large portion of the code is just Python3 code and works standalone in our custom QT manager, outside of blender. The only ops that are touched are really access to save, open, new file functions.

My thoughts are that should the save/open functions get changed then it will be a pretty small refactor. Along with the custom operator which is really just a wrapper for the most part. So seems pretty safe in terms of come 2.8 official release

What are people’s thoughts?


Very cool … Should help small teams.

you have these options with blender

Is there anything that you can share? I am very interested in this topic, studio pipeline tools that is. At my previous work i created a 1 click export pipeline for use in Unity, I’ll be transitioning to Blender in the future. I wrote some of my experience down here:

what we are working on is a little bit larger scale than these. Prism is similar in its connection with other software but its not fully open in terms of API.

Hi renderhjs, not at the moment sorry :(…still figuring out how much is opensource how much will be commercial etc. Ill keep what you mention re unity in mind as an aspect of this pipeline is to allow easy integration from other developers with other software. A reasonably open API.

Hi ! I developed a tool a year ago for a school project, it was originally working only for Maya/Renderman but I added Blender at the end. It is standalone and developed in Python and TKinter (maybe not the best choice haha but it did the job for a year). If you want to have a look it is on Github right here : GitHub - thornydre/superpipe

Didn’t try the add-on on Blender 2.80, shouldn’t be too hard to update as it just adds two buttons :slight_smile:

Cheers !

cheers thanks man ill have a look into it.

About the Blender-Organizer the video is way out of date.
Here is the new 4.57 update overview. Basically the same software.

What about BAT?

I’ve been toying with the idea of writing git hooks to call USD to do stuff when files are committed to a repository, but I’m kinda waiting for Blender to support USD a little more thoroughly. I wonder if that sort of thing would work?

There is also Blender Could’s Attract.

But all of them have 1 huge issue. It’s not really a film-making tool. For example there is a shot list. You can even get a sequence folder. So you put shots into their folders.

But how do you know what does it say in the script? You have to track it outside of the software. This is why the writing of the script (or parsing if you have it written) could be done in Blender-organizer. You are not creating shot lists, but marking shots in the text of the scene. So then when you access the shot list you also see the text it comes with. So you know a dialogue line or a action that your characters should make.

Also checklists I think is a very important thing. You have to be able to plan the making of shots ahead of the time and forget about it. Make the best of the scene instead of tracking down what you have to do.

For example. On Moria’s Race I just made the background characters. And the process was very similar. So what I did was. I made a copy function into the checklists so when I’m done with 1 character I import it’s checklist to the next. And then you can totally forget the workflow and just look at the checklist what’s the next step. Making the work the main and primary thing not the tracking of actions.

The big thing Blender-Organizer is missing now is network sharing. Some kind of team functionality. And it’s because I’m one person with one computer and I have no idea how to test any of that.

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