Basic questions about the Blender Python API

So, my primary question is: I have a scene already made with Blender, and what I want to do is to only change the material on one of the scene objects, and render it to a JPG file. I need this so I can automate it as part of another program. Can this be done with the blender API at this point ? Also note that I need not to fire up the Blender UI, but import blender as a library.

Thanks !

Rendering from the command line is an option without making Blender into a library. Making a Python library from Blender is possible if you build it yourself (make bpy I think is the command), but experimental and not officially supported.

Modifying a material is pretty straightforward. It’s possible to run a headless Blender from the command line and execute a Python script in Blender if I remember correctly.

Thanks for your answer. If this is possible, then it’s what I’m looking for. I only need to change a material, which is a picture and get a render out as an automated process. Do you have any link on where to start ? Thanks !