Available Blender 2.80b still on 2.7 branch

I tried installing an add-on built for 2.8x only to notice that the 2.80b build i had downloaded built off of the 2.7 branch.

This caused the add-on to request an upgrade in order to work, but I can’t see how I can comply with this request given the currently available build. Is this deliberate and do I have to get the source, switch to 2.8 branch and build it myself?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: Cheers

The splash screen is kinda wonky, sometimes it puts the wrong branch label on there, the buildbot sometimes does that. (@brecht i thought you fixed this?) your blender is without a doubt a 2.80 build.

You don’t mention where you got this plugin, so it’s hard to say if it’s a plugin issue or not, feels like it though.

The updated version might be this one:

Link to Github site