Array needs an angle offset

I constantly forget how to make circular patterns in Blender (and I use the screw modifier instead whenever I can), because it’s just so convoluted.

Right now, I’m watching someone on Twitch trying to learn circular array in Blender, and it’s just painful, because the interface is 100% unintuitive and on top of that, when you are told how to do it, you have to do math on a second object just to figure your pattern out.


  • Add “Angle Offset” to the Array Modifier
  • Add “Fit Angle” to the Fit Type of the Array Modifier
  • Use the current object’s origin as the center of rotation
  • Add “Local Axis” X, Y and Z options.

EDIT: Note, this would still leave the current way of doing things working, it would just introduce a new, simpler method that doesn’t necessarily rely on the position or rotation of a second object.


Recently found out somebody submitted a solution to this: