Are multiple “Pins Groups” for the cloth sim programable?

Function: Adding multiple “Pin Groups” under the “Shape” tab for cloth simulations.

Reason for use:
On a single mesh object having the ability to change influence with keyframes, between the pin group (my case, weight painted) and the actual simulation is extremely powerful and critical for life like sims.

I almost always find a need for multiple pin groups that I could if added keyframe at different variables throughout the simulation. But the current system only allows for one vertex group to be the input for the “Pin Group”.

My main question is, is this something that’s even doable under the current code for the cloth sim?

Thanks Tim


Just thinking about it, while I like the idea of having multiple inputs, and maybe @lucarod knows the answer to this, right now you can animate the influence for a group using the VertexWeightProximity modifier and some objects to handle the weighting :slight_smile:

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Wow! I love learning something new about the different use cases of modifiers.

Just to clarify; the “Vertex Weight Proximity” modifier will work with cloth sims? And I assume it’s keyframeable like others modifiers?

Here you have an example, no need to animate the modifiers, you animate the target objects that will perform the influence.


Here is the configuration of the modifiers for this example:

Pretty simple and easy, the two objects you see as bounds are two spheres, that’s it, and I use their geometry to affect the weights, two modifiers to have two objects affecting weights :slight_smile:
Those spheres are the animated ones.


@JuanGea Thanks for this!
For my use case, the Weight Proximity Modifier wasn’t what I needed, but the one right above it, “Vertex Weight Mix”, is exactly what I’ve been needing. So many doors just opened up with these two modifiers.

Thank you… I just leveled up! :grinning: