Append an already linked collection and show the content in the outliner

Dear all,

I have my file kitchen.blend which includes a link to a collection named “kitchen-furniture” (from a file named kitchen-furniture.blend). This collection is a rig of some furniture (a table, some chairs), so I have (in my kitchen.blend) made a proxy and created some animation (just some keys in the first frame to set up rotations and translations). This kitchen-furniture rig also includes other things (a carpet, a painting hanging from the wall etc).

I also have another file (house.blend) which includes a link to a collection named “kitchen-furniture”, but this time from the file named kitchen.blend (with the frame keys), so my Scene Collection in the house file includes a collection called kitchen-furniture, linked, which I can see in both the viewport and the outliner, but whose list of objects (the table, the carpet) I cannot see in the outliner or select them separatedly in the viewport.

I wish now to make modifications on that kitchen (just in case there’s need for details, I want to select some objects of this kitchen and add them to a different collection of the house), for which I’m trying to make my linked kitchen become local.

I’ve tried the methods described in (make local, make proxy, append) to load the objects of the kitchen into my file, but none of them adds the content of the collection (ie, the table, the chairs, the painting on the wall) to the current scene, the objects of the kitchen just become part of the data API of my house file, but still not visible in the outliner, and still not individually selectable in the viewport (the entire kitchen furniture collection gets selected as a whole instead).

How can I make further modifications to the collection? Do I have to add the data from the data API to the scene manually? Is there python code to circumvent this?

I hope I gave a decent explanation of the problem. Thanks!

After quite some debugging I found a way to almost do what I needed here:

Making instances local brings all the elements of the kitchen into my scene. However, as the final note says, “the various object’s parent-child relationships do not carry over”, which means that all the inner subcollection hierarchy of the linked collection is not recreated and all the objects ends up as children of the root node.

This is actually a showstopper for us. Will keeping the collections hierarchy only be supported when the new Library Overrides system is ready for production? Can anyone please confirm?