API to get data

Hey, I would like to use the shopify api to fetch data into my blender animation. I saw that it works with a json and with a csv file, so does it also work with a simple api? I know python quite well, but I am new to blender.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to do. Are you trying to fetch data via the shopify API and you want to turn the data into a mesh/objects?

Basically yes. It is more about if I am able to use the api to fetch the data. I would then display the data in a text object probably

What do you mean use the API to fetch the data? What API are you referring to here? The API you use in Blender is all python. If shopify’s API is some kind of REST API, then that should doable in python. See: Python and REST APIs: Interacting With Web Services – Real Python

Yes exactly that would be the idea. Using the python terminal in blender to use the REST API and fetching the data into blender. Thanks!