AO node bug

Hi all :slight_smile:

Am not sure wether i’ve choosen the right forum for this but before i report a bug, i want to submit it at your view/critics…

It’s a bug on AO node. Remove AO, all is ok, leave AO you get shitty black thingies on your model…
1st here’s the blend:
( ooookay… guys this is shitty that this forum refuses .blend or .rar !
It’s just like if GIMP would refuse images ^^ )
well… you got the file here from blender artists:
from the main topic: After Blender Terminator, I found Blender Predator :D ( AO node bug ? ) - Technical Support - Blender Artists Community

and here’s what it visually gives:

What’s you opinion on this ?
Is this a bug that should be reported ? ( i have to say i got those black things very often on many of my renders )
Can this be worked-around ?

Thanks in advance and…

Happy blending !

Even if you’re not sure if it’s a bug, it is better to report it to the bug-tracker, Help > Report a Bug.

This is not the right place for such questions.

I totally agree @jenkm :slight_smile:

But i know there are some devs here who could simply tell me they’re aware of this and it will be solved in next release or maybe a workaround ?
Also it could have been interresting to hear from ppl here who had the same problem ( i seem to be the only one on earth :sweat_smile: )
Finally aren’t we in a blender dev forum ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, sorry i bothered this forum with this :confused:

Happy blending !

EDIT: the topic have been posted on bug report :slight_smile: