Any way to edit vertex normals?

Hi, I have a mesh which has just edges and vertices (no faces). I have a cylinder parented to the mesh, and the mesh has vertex instancing enabled, so that the cyclinder is instanced at each vertex of the mesh.

I have align to vertex normal enabled under the mesh’s instancing settings, which works, but I’m unable edit the vertex normals.

The aim is to get the mesh’s normals to match an underlying geometry. I’ve tried a data transfer modifier to transfer the normals from the underlying mesh, but that doesnt work without faces. I’ve also tried adding faces and then using the data transfer modifier, applying the data transfer modifier so that the normals are stored in the meshes custom normals…but this doesnt affect the vertex normals used by the instancing. Shrinkwrap also doesnt work. Going into edit mode, selecting the vertices and then using the mesh menu’s normal tools also doesnt have any affect.

Any way to align the vertex normals to the faces of an underlying high res geometry?

The only editable normals are the ones associated with corners of faces. You can’t do what you want to do.

thanks Howard, I’ll just temporarily extrude some faces out and then delete the duplicate instances after making them real.

maybe this is a bug? I’ve correctly aligned the vertex normals, but the instances are only adhering to the vertex normal direction on one part of the object…the object is two disconnected pieces if that matters? EDIT: just made it one piece and the problem is still there.

raised a bug report: