Ant Landscape has no UV after running addon

Hey guys, Just a quick one about something that’s annoyed me for a while. When ever you create a landscape with Ant landscape tool and run the erosion the UV mapped plane (terrain) suddenly looses it’s UV map.

Meaning you then have to re-add the UV after the erosion process which of course means the UV is no longer a perfect Square mapping over the plane, so useless for exporting the resulting flow and deposition maps created by the addon, Also the UV after high subdivision on the terrain in order to get good erosion detail on the mesh takes hours.

I dont use python much and never used Blender version other than changing UI stuff, Could someone please explain how the addon could be modified to keep the original UV map or to add one before the erosion pases so we dont have to UV unwrap after the process on a mesh with 30 million faces.

Also an option not to let the edge vertex droop and stay fixed in place for the erosion pass would also be great

Could someone add this functionality, This addon would then become usefull to many Blender users.