Animation Nodes terminal render problem

hi, i have problem with terminal render. In my project (Blender 2.8) i used Animation Nodes addons (v 2.1), when i want to render animation through terminal every frame are the same, depends on what frame i quit from blender. This same animation created in 2.79 and no problem with terminal render, so i have questions:

  1. there is some additional command to enable this addon through terminal?
  2. is this happening because Animation Nodes addon it’s in beta stage ?
  3. maybe i do something wrong ?

thanks for answers

Maybe file this as a bug if you have a file that can demostrate the issue?

Meanwhile try caching the whole scene frame range as an alembic cache file and work from there. Once cached it should not rely on any addons.

Bugs in animation nodes should be reported to that project, see for example here:

Try this as a workaround: Add a custom trigger, pointed to the current scene with the property “frame_current”