Animating glyphs in Blender using BVTKnodes

Good Day,
I have installed BVTKnodes plugin for Blender and have created the streamlines and sphere glyphs as two separate blender meshes. I am creating these by referencing to the paraview filters. Similar to using the contour filter in Paraview and animating the glyphs, I want to know how to do the same in Blender using the BVTKnodes. The goal is to make the glyphs follow the streamline in Blender.

For reference : ParaView - Particles and streamlines - YouTube (I want to do the same in Blender using BVTKnodes)

Hello Suraj,

please have a look at BVTKNodes docs, especially the Help with Issues section. We use github issues feature for community support for BVTKNodes.