AMD Radeon 5500M - Cycle compatibility?

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I’m using Blender for equirectangular image creation and I’m rendering in Cycles.

I can see AMD Radeon 5500M on MacBook 2019 appears to not be compatible with Blender - Do you know if Software updates will be available soon as Cycle and OpenCL can be operational using this GPU ?

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I’m new to this forum so let me know if I’m not asking this question at the right place

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Which version of MacOS are you using, because I don’t think they support CUDA now, I am on Catalina and can only render with CPU.

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I’m on Catalina where none of OpenCL (the AMD one) is not compatible for my GPU.

So far I got Vulkan integration should allow my GPU to be working on Blender but I don’t know when… I’m unfortunately rendering as well on CPU while 8g of GPU :confused:

The hardware is not the problem, the software is. You should have more luck with Windows or Linux running on your MacBook Pro (get an external drive if you don’t want to sacrifice space).

This isn’t really a python question at all… but Blender 2.80 + disabled openCL rendering on macOS. So if you want to render on your GPU you have to install the Luxrender addon for OpenCL rendering, or AMD’s Radeon ProRender which will actually use Metal on macOS.

(bias warning I work on ProRender)


I installed AMD Radeon ProRender for Blender Version 2.4 however Preferences/System/Cycles Render Devices/Open CL still shows: No compatible GPU’s found… I am on a MacBookPro 16" with AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8 GB/Mac OS 10.15.4/Blender 2.83.0. Has something gone wrong with installing the add on or is there stil a compatability issue that the ProRender plugin hasn’t fixed?

ProRender is a separate render engine. It will not enable OpenCL rendering for Cycles.

Ahhh… my misunderstanding, I read somewhere that this would unlock the GPU for mac users.

Yes, but not in cycles itself.