AMD APU's support opencl/HIP after 3.x, question


Its difficult to find any useful topics/benchmarks and alike regarding the AMD APU’s and its performance (iGpu). So i’m kinda blind to the iGpu benchmark and if the APU can be used in rendering at all.

Since the Blender 3.x will/has deprecated opencl for the new AMD HIP i was wondering how this will impact the APU’s, specifically the 5000 series (5750G).

Will the iGpu part be used for viewport and rendering ?

Thank you

the GPU is always used for the viewport and Eevee. No matter if it’s a dedicated GPU or an APU.

When it comes to Cycles rendering with HIP, the RDNA2 architecture will be supported, but it’s not clear yet if older architectures can be supported as well.



If for instance i have a APU and a dedicated GPU, can i specify which should be used for viewport/eevee ?

An example, i have the dGPU running a separate operation at 100% capacity, but i want only for blender to use only the APU for viewport, can it be separate like that if i run viewport and with no “gpu selected” in the settings ?

The GPU that is used for display is also used for viewport and eevee. Cycles rendering can be a on a different card.

Thank you for the clarification :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have a side question.
Suppose I am using AMD APU, if taking Cylces specified with CPU, would both the CPU and the GPU part of the APU be used together? Also, if taking Cylces specified with GPU, would the GPU part of the APU be used? Finally, if Eevee is specified, which can only use GPU, would the GPU part of APU be used?