Allow scaling of icons for operators or properties in the UI

The python UI API is pretty amazing, but one area where it falls a bit short is the inability to scale icons when they are used on buttons for operators and properties. Currently, the only way to show an icon larger than the default is to use template_icon(), but that comes with the drawback of being completely static (It doesn’t do anything when clicked).

This stack exchange question that was asked a year ago, does a good job of explaining a good use case, and the rationale for wanting this added:

This is how icons look currently when placed on a big button:

but ideally, they would scale along with the layout.scale_y attribute.

Obviously, I don’t know if there’s some reason this hasn’t been added, but if it was, it would open up a lot of possibilities, and would make the UI API a lot more powerful.

I agree,
large buton to click on with an image might be interesting for a lot of folks out there

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Speaking of asset management

Note that there’s way to hijack the file browser to create our own drag and drop browser such as Andrew peel solution

But overall i believe that all asset manager plugin will slowly die one by one if their existence is solely justified by the lack of an official asset manager solution.

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