Advanced render region

Some time ago, there was this software called xsi softimage. Sad story…

It had a render region which was capable of storing multiple renderings from the viewport, so the user could easily mark them and compare them side by side.


I wonder if it is possible to achieve some similar results with python.
I would like to do a small plugin to further increase my python skills and I just really want this feature :slight_smile:

So where should I start?

-At first, is it possible to get the viewport pixels and store them without changing some c++ code?

Cheers Daniel

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I think I m right in saying you can do this already in Compositing, where I have put several renderings together to make a video, so I hd a view from two cameras superimposed. See this to get you started:


If this is not what you want, tell us more…

Yes, that’s a way of doing it, but the reason for doing this in the viewport is, that I don’t have to render with f12. So I can compare my changes while lighting and shading the scene.

That’s much faster, so decisions can be made much quicker

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