Adobe Substance Addon / Legal Questions?


I was curious to try out the new addon, to load substance files into Blender. However, you had to sign into Adobe/agree to some things, to even get the addon, which felt bad to begin with. But anyways…

But the main question I have / am curious about, is this document you have to read/agree to, before downloading. Some things in here seem/sounds sketchy, or some people at my work got spooked, so they don’t really want us using this addon for now.

Does any of this sounds like goes against Blender Licenses, or how does that work?

It’s worth noting here that the document you’ve posted isn’t the only license document Adobe had you read. The second document attempts to cover how this base agreement interacts with the add-on’s GPL license, but it doesn’t do a good job of explaining how the Substance bridge is set up as two separately licensed applications.

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Yeah, there was the second document in there as well. We use Substance already/blender, but like I said, that first agreement had people spooked. Curious what others think as well.