Addons Enhancements

While porting works in as an addon, I found some limitations i did not like all the workarounds i found, so i decided to create generic addons tasks, so it could be added in blender for everybody. I assume that specific things would not be included, and developing and addon make things easier for users.

I started with this Task

Add Handlers to Addons

As I think they benefit blender, i’ll do my best, but i also assume that community support is needed, so please support this patches, so they do not get the abandoned status.



Awesome initiative, I wish other addon developers with C++ knowledge could support you too and add to your effort :slight_smile:

One of the most important things that we cannot do right now as an addon with the Python API IMHO is to extend classes.

I mean, imagine I want to create a custom type of Empty, I want that empty to have a custom shape, and some custom controls, that’s not possible right now and I have to go through a lot of loops to achieve it.

So adding the capability to extend from a class and customise that class with proper UI and methods would be very helpful :slight_smile:


What do you want to extend?

For example an empty, with a custom shape and some custom properties, also a custom creation function, for example, where you can set some parameters before you end up the creation process.

Picture it, you have a scene with 1000 empties, but 10 of them are empties you use for your addon, when you want to access those 10 empties randomly (and without storing them in a parameter of the scene) you have to loop over those 1000 empties.
If you have a custom empty class (cool_empty) you would have to look only for those “cool_empty” objects.

That’s a simple example, but I’m sure addon developers would be more than happy to provide other examples :slight_smile:

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this is a much have enhancement… thank you

another use cases…

. addon for viewport undo/redo view matrix changes

. with modal handler, unlock view navigation for standard transform tools/operators

. display warning while entering in edit mode (tab key) if object is procedurally builded or display window settings for adjust it rather than entry in edit mode

I can figure it now. At the moment, the best way to handle that i think is the one you already proposed, having a separate list for this objects.

Added a similar Task, and a simple diff for it.

For this one, compiling blender is not needed, as is python only patch.


This looks very useful, I’ve been saying for years that BPY needs a robust event/subscriber delegate system, this looks like the next best thing.

I’m assuming this works with any registered operator, including those coming from addons?

Yes :wink:

Updated the Differential summary adding a simple operator as example for testing.

Uploaded a recent release build for operator handlers tests.

Example script can be found on

Feedback is of course welcome, as support and advises to get it included in Blender releases!


amazing… I did a undo_view addon to test and working very well.

def view3d_pre(params):
bpy.context.scene[‘old_viewmatrix’] = bpy.context.region_data.view_matrix.copy()
bpy.context.scene[‘old_viewmode’] = bpy.context.region_data.view_perspective #[‘PERSP’, ‘ORTHO’, ‘CAMERA’]
print(‘view-matrix pre’, Matrix(bpy.context.scene[‘old_viewmatrix’]))

def execute():
bpy.context.region_data.view_matrix = Matrix(context.scene[‘old_viewmatrix’])
bpy.context.region_data.view_perspective = context.scene[‘old_viewmode’]






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Uo! I always think about the feature as something espeficic to the operator itself :stuck_out_tongue:

As pointed on feature task ⚓ T86191 Add Handlers to Operators. this kind of things should be allowed to have a better handling in a more general (working always) way, than adding handlers everywhere, as will not work if for example the matrix are changed in another not considered places.

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yes. I agree… but current solution is oddest (replacing every default view operator with a custom one to save view matrix.)

a region_data’s pre change handler operator would be great.
I think msgbus can do this but any viewport changes are ignored by msgbus. :grimacing:


Most changes done internally are ignored by msgbus because they work directly with a pointer: because faster, or because of generic methods (eg Transform). Or just because the coder did not consider that.

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Uploaded a new build on graphicAll

  • all callbacks are getting context and event,
  • added modal_end handler
  • allow to remove on block.

Next I will spend some time on because i would like to insert some menu / options related to existing ones, from an addon.

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**posting here the same I posted in graphicall…

Thank you for new updated build… :heart: :heart: :heart:

Working really nice.

I think this is a game changer for addon development, now I can address almost all of my missing needs from another DCC modeling tool with minimal effort… :slightly_smiling_face:

I really hope this will catch the attetion of blender devs and be committed in master. :pray: :pray: :pray:

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Uploaded a build for testing

Allows an addon developer to place menu options referenced to other options.

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really digging these addon developer focused improvements you’re making, I seriously hope that blender devs take notice and work with you on getting them integrated into main


Added a new diff, for testing, allowing to add new items to existing enums (EnumProperty)


Do not know if there is an standard procedure to show addon info on ui like the splash About window. Not so parametrized and also hidden on preferences -> addons. Let’s say more integrated and easy to find.

Created this task

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