Addon tab list bl_category modification

I am thinking of creating a simple addon that can modify the bl_category for addons that are enabled. I’ve looked around but I can’t find a place in the API but I have no idea how to view all enabled addons and bl_category of all enabled addons.

Rason for thinking about this is that I have quite a few addons enabled, and it becomes unmanageable with the list, so I’ve manually started adjusting bl_category to group a number of similar addons into the same tab. Trouble is, once the addons get updated, I’ll have to manually override them again, so I was thinking that there must be a way to this with a python addon.

I also know that we can manually enable and disable addons in various workspaces, but that could be considered an extra level of complexity, and would be an extra clicks to change workspace, zoom to selection, and select the correct tab to perform operation.

import sys
import bpy
from addon_utils import check, paths

for p in paths():
    for name, path in bpy.path.module_names(p):
        is_enabled, is_loaded = check(name)
        print(f"{name}, {path}, enabled: {is_enabled}")

in that example, path gives you the absolute path, you should be able to get bl_category from there pretty easily.

Thanks. Will give it a try.