Addon: mutiple image format settings

Hi everyone,

I’m currently into developing a small productivity addon that allows users to create custom export options. Github page
The user can define multiple outputs, which can be rendered by a single click. No more camera selecting and output file configuration.
In my addon I would like to add the functionality to define the image type of each output:

  • render_0 -> PNG sequence [RGB]
  • render_1 -> EXR sequence [RGBA, Piz Compression, etc.]

I know that the image_settings of scene.render are from bpy.types.ImageFormatSettings.
And I figured out that the blender ui has this useful function (template_image_settings) to draw data of type ImageFormatSettings:

My first idea was to “create” a data block of type ImageFormatSettings but the blender python api doesn’t allow this. Thus I need to store data in a existing block.
I thought about storing it in a FileOutput Node, but I don’t want to switch the context all the time.

Does anyone have a better idea where I could store this data?

And does anyone know how to iterate over values of bpy.types.ImageFormatSettings?