Adding a copy of a modifier, all files related to modfier?

Doubt I’d get any help with all these links ,but here it is.

I’m trying to basically copy everything from a modifier to see how you would add a new one. I can’t figure out if this is everything related to modifiers. It’s everything I could find ,but I’m running into a crash when trying to select the modifier menu. This is what I found from searching different things and here’s pretty much what I did.

1: Copied the MOD_boolean.c content and created a new c file with different name

2: Copied everything related to boolean and renamed it$169

3: Copied line here and renamed$51

4: Copied line here and renamed$45

5: Copied line here, renamed, and placed at end of list$50

Copied everything related to boolean and renamed it$774

6: Copied everything related to boolean and renamed it$939

7: Copied lines here and renamed$81$594$5122

The two lines here$352

Everything related to boolean$2011

Crash happens with this part of the line “eModifierType_NewModifierName”. If I change to “eModifierType_Boolean” it doesn’t crash. This has got me thinking I haven’t found/changed all files.$81

You can check my past modifier (which was never got into the trunk), it used to work back then, it might offer some clues

Your link helped. I didn’t edit the “MOD_util.c”. All my searches I did never brought that file up. How are you suppose to know what files to change?

I generally look at other people’s diffs :slight_smile:

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a good starting point is also which helped me to get it running when I had a similar issue.

I added new modifiers a couple of times in the last few months. I always forgot to change at least once code segment.

See here:
with this little fix afterwards:

Hope it helps.