Add-ons working in the 2.8 daily build don't work when I do my own build?

I’ve been building Blender 2.8 on my machine (MacBook Pro, High Sierra) as I get up to speed on internals so I can start to contribute. One annoying thing I’ve noticed is that when I build locally I do not get any of the add-ons that are present when I download the daily build (e.g. Node Wrangler, Copy Attributes). In my locally built version I get the familiar upgrade to 2.8x required. But I don’t see that in the daily build where the plugins work.

Is there a simple workaround?

try running git submodule update in your blender source folder, then rebuild the install target.

That didn’t fix it. Besides, shouldn’t ‘make update’ normally take care of that anyway?

Are you sure you are on the blender2.8 branch and not on master? Switch to blender2.8 by git checkout blender2.8.

[Charless-MBP:blender (blender2.8)]510$ git branch -v

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make update seems to forcefully checkout the master addons, not the 2.8 branch , after talking to sergey he said git submodule update --remote ought to be the command that gets you the right addon tree.

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Thanks! That fixed it. I’ll write my own script that does this after make update.

So… should make update be fixed? Or is it more complicated than that?

yeah update should be fixed, i’ll get that done today. [edit] i need to run some thing by sergey first, may not be today[/edit]


Make udate should work now for both windows and linux and with no additional commands required.

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Thanks. Is it fixed for MacOS too? How do I verify the change is in place. After a few pulls, builds, and more pulls I can’t find ‘–remote’ anywhere in my makefiles or configs. Not sure where to look.

yeah linux/mac use the same makefile

I did a fresh 2.8 pull. It doesn’t seem to be fixed on my Mac. Once I do ‘git submodule update --remote’, it seems to work properly after that when I do make update.