Add-ons for stream deck / loopdeck

Hey !
I’m currently working on a stream deck and loopdeck workflow to snap all shortcut and usefull macro, base on the free courses on blender studio. I would like to know if anyone know where to find icons from blender, And if i get any chance to integrate it as free addon on blender ?

If I’m understanding you’re developing an add-on to make Blender work better with a Steam Deck and a Loupedeck controller. This may be a bit too specialized to bundle with Blender releases. But I think it will make sense to publish to the upcoming Blender extensions platform.

Not sure which kinds of icons you are referring to, are you asking how to create buttons with icons in a Python add-on?

I think he refers to the actual icons SVG files, to be able to use them inside the Streamdeck and the Loupedeck buttons :slight_smile:

Yep exactly ! :innocent: but i didn’t found them in the repo

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See here: