Add fragment shaders to Blender


Blender uses a basic set of fragment shaders and theese are useful for a lot of stuff, But there are so many beautiful shaders on shadertoy and other sources, I would like to know if there’s a possibilty to add (adapted versions) of them to Blender ? (maybe as an addon).

Before going deeper to that: Are there any plans to make adding shaders possible as a core function in Blender, or could this be a nice idea for others too ?

But however, it woul be nice to get some basic help where to begin to play around with the source code try things myself

Cheers Peter

Cycles has OSL support for this purpose. There was some work towards custom GLSL shader support, but this is not being actively worked on and there were a bunch of design issue to resolve:


Thanks for your hint !
But unfortunately the links in D2577 (as most or all of the wiki links) are dead