Add ability to select objects from outliner with eyedropper

With many modifiers, you can select a target object with an eyedropper (e.g. boolean, mirror, array).

Currently you can only select objects in the viewport. I think you should be able to select objects in the outliner as well. Seems like it’d be a very easy implementation?

Thanks for considering it!

(Sorry if already mentioned.)

[I have crossposted this here from the paper cuts mega-thread per the suggestion from Pablo]


You can drag-and-drop an object from outliner into the target object field, it’s almost the same. Maybe it’s even more convenient.


Ability to use eyedropper is legitimate.

Currently, user adds a modifier or a constraint and then, his mouse pointer goes from Modifier/Constraint tab to Outliner to start Drag&Drop and goes back to Modifier/Constraint tab to end Drag&Drop

By using eye dropper, there will be only one mouse movement.

Most efficient way is probably to select target and carrier of constraint/modifier and use shortcut to add it.
But that is not the most discoverable one.

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Ah – good to know about the reverse-drag, thanks; and yeah, it would still be nice (and less paper-cut-y) to be able to use the eyedropper.