Add a LTS folder on

It’s an idea for a feature for
There could be a “LTS” folder containing the lastest LTS release (or all the LTS ?). This way we could always get the latest up-to-date version automatically.

I’ll explain our use-case: We are using Blender to do renders of user’s scenes, running on a distant server running a pre-built image of an ubuntu system. When we build this image, we download Blender and install it (we don’t use Ubuntu’s Blender package as it is a little old). This is an automated process, but we have to tell the script what version we want. This mean each time there is a new version coming out, we have to update the script’s configuration.

Let me know what you think about it, maybe it’s not a good practice ?


Perhaps you can try the way that Debian watches repos for changes?

debian/watch - Debian Wiki

Blender official maintains the blender snap. It is easy to use and install especially on render farms.

Have you checked on that?
Maintaining links can be done, but needs work and adds maintenance for what might be a special case.

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I didn’t thought about Snaps, that may be the solution, thanks !