Activity Summary default?

Although a neat feature, i didn’t want it on , and even if it’s on daily might be pushing it for some users…

Oh that, ya that must suck. Apparently they do this automatically on new installs until there are more users. This is what staff see at the top of the site:

To make launching your new site easier, you are in bootstrap mode. All new users will be granted trust level 1 and have daily email digest updates enabled. This will be automatically turned off when total user count exceeds 50 users.

Let’s get this discussion started! There are currently 22 / 30 posts. New visitors need some conversations to read and respond to.

Afaict, the current setting is actually weekly, but this bootstrap mode is overriding it. I guess just muscle through it :slight_smile:

Nah i found the setting in my profile, and turned it off completely, still it’s kinda annoying for all other users though.

No doubt. I’m guessing it’s a hard coded thing. All the more reason to get to 50 users quickly :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t see any need to change this, it’s easily configurable isn’t it? - or something you can disable.

My understanding is that all of these settings are indeed user configurable (thus why he was able to change it for himself), but that the site has a built in mode to disregard the current “weekly” setting until we hit 50 users, apparently whether we want it disabled or not.

Basically, ignore it, we’ll be fine? :wink: