Active rigid bodies with fluid interaction

Good daytime. Nowadays, Blender doesn’t support rigid bodies and fluid interaction. Soon I will post some papers and researchers, here. Maybe, someone is interested in this topic. Thanks.

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I have made a similar topic back in January on Blender-artists forum talking about the state of the physics system in blender (with a bit of history), I posted a few papers/video explainers of new multi-physics systems that could be implemented, but from the few replies that I got, it’s basically a matter of finding people who “know” how it works and are “interested” in implementing it, as well as finding an “open source” implementation they can work with.

link to my post:

Good luck with your attempt, maybe you get a different response here on devtalk.

Thanks. It isn’t a hard task, I know a person who can make it. Also, for some time it can be false interaction within fluid.

Have you seen this?

Thanks, very useful resource!

I saw that dynamix link pop up a few weeks ago on, from the initial impressions, it looks like a closed source commercial addon project, not sure where they are going with it for now as it’s still WIP.

How can I chat with them?

I only read what’s going on there, to check what they might be cooking in the near future (never dared to comment, as it seems not like a place for user requests, but more of a “between devs” chat) but as you said you already know someone who can help, so it could be a good idea to say hello there.

Thanks. I will do it.