Accessing to 2.8 branch


I’ve worked on some modifiers based on the 2.79 source. But as I’m been told on right click select that modifiers have structurally changed in 2.8, I’d like to access to its repo in order to learn what are these changes.

How to do it?


Hi, 2.8 is in the same repo as the rest of Blender. The main branch where it’s being developed is blender2.8. Some specific features are happening in other branches (for now) but everything will eventually get merged there.

git checkout blender2.8

@Januz, thanks.

But following to that I’ve an issue at runtime.

An exception is thrown at “blender.exe!do_versions_after_linking_280(Main * main) Line 663” because wm is null.

The call stack is the following:

blender.exe!do_versions_after_linking_280(Main * main) Line 663|C|
blender.exe!do_versions_after_linking(Main * main) Line 8561|C|
blender.exe!blo_read_file_internal(FileData * fd, const unsigned char * filepath) Line 8794|C|
blender.exe!BLO_read_from_file(const unsigned char * filepath, ReportList * reports, eBLOReadSkip skip_flags) Line 331|C|
blender.exe!BKE_blendfile_userdef_read(const unsigned char * filepath, ReportList * reports) Line 485|C|
blender.exe!wm_homefile_read(bContext * C, ReportList * reports, bool use_factory_settings, bool use_empty_data, bool use_userdef, const unsigned char * filepath_startup_override, const unsigned char * app_template_override) Line 736|C|
blender.exe!WM_init(bContext * C, int argc, const unsigned char * * argv) Line 205|C|
blender.exe!main(int argc, const unsigned char * * UNUSED_argv_c) Line 432|C|

I’m running it under VS 2017.

Any idea?

Hey, I don’t use windows so I don’t know about platform issues but 2.8 is heavily in development now so you’ll find plenty of issues. That one in particular seems to be from the versioning code, which at this point should be the most broken part :stuck_out_tongue:

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It works, aside from some unfreed memory and an attempt to free NULL pointer (Ubuntu with QtCreator)

The issue I have is at startup (nothing yet appears on the screen before the exception I’ve mentioned above)